Telegram Bridge

Telegram bridging is beta! The bridge may not work at times, or may be difficult to set up. Please visit if you run into any issues.

The Telegram bridge is based off of SijmenSchoon/telematrix and has a little bit of setup to get it working in Matrix:

  1. Invite @matrix_t2bot to your Telegram group
  2. Send the message /alias in Telegram. This will give you a Matrix alias that we'll use in a moment.
  3. Create or open the room you want to bridge in Matrix/Riot
  4. Make sure the room is accessible to anyone who knows the room's link (not invite-only).
  5. Invite to your room
  6. Send the message !alias TheAliasFromEarlier where TheAliasFromEarlier is the alias from step 2
  7. Start chatting!

Telematrix is a third-party bridge not maintained by To learn more about the bridge, or to contribute, please see SijmenSchoon/telematrix on Github.