Infrastructure consists of multiple servers which all work to host bots, bridges, and other things for people to use. All servers have a gigabit network connection to the internet, and media (images, etc) is stored in DigitalOcean Spaces (s3-like service). Questions about the hardware runs on are best asked in

Synapse (Homeserver)

This is the engine for the whole service - without Synapse, would not be able to speak Matrix or provide you with bridges, bots, and other services.

12CPU Cores
64 GBMemory
2000 GBStorage


All of the data generated by Matrix and itself needs to be stored somewhere. Multiple database servers are used for redundancy, and their combined hardware is shown here.

16CPU Cores
64 GBMemory
5000 GBStorage

Integration Hosts

The bridges, bots, and services all run on these servers. They fluctuate in size and number, so the stats here represent the normal average for all of the servers combined.

13CPU Cores
23 GBMemory
420 GBStorage