Gitlab Bot

Github Repository: maubot/gitlab (third party) is a bot that can advertise Gitlab activity in a room, such as new commits and issues.

Setting up notifications in your room

  1. Invite to your room.
  2. Log in to and open your repository's integration settings.
  3. For the URL put! The room ID can be retrieved from the bottom of your room settings in Riot.
  4. For the Secret Token put t2bot
  5. Check off the triggers you'd like to have in your room and click "Add webhook".

Enabling the bot's commands for your account

The bot has several commands that can be used to do things like create issues. This requires some account access from you so that when you say !gitlab issue create ... an issue actually gets created.

  1. Invite to a private room.
  2. Log in to and go to your account settings.
  3. On the left side, click "Access Tokens"
  4. Give the new access token a name and optional expiration date.
  5. Give the token all scopes (this is so that the bot can manage issues and such on your behalf).
  6. Create the personal access token and copy the code Gitlab gives you.
  7. In your private chat with the bot, send the message !gitlab login the_code_from_gitlab
  8. After the login is successful, send !gitlab help to see what the bot can do.