When developing Matrix server applications one of the early considerations is ensuring the server discovery code actually works. This can be difficult to validate without example servers, and setting up such servers can be extremely time consuming.

t2bot.io provides resolvematrix.dev as a service to help with this. With consideration for MSC4045, all of the server discovery steps are supported by domains here. These domains should be safe to use in unit or integration tests, and uptime is monitored by status.resolvematrix.dev. If you run into any problems, let us know in #help:t2bot.io on Matrix.

The Domains

All of the domains are running an instance of matrix-key-server, but are configured to only respond to /_matrix/federation/v1/version and /_matrix/key/v2/server. All other APIs are not possible on these servers.

Server name Step covered Connection address Federation
2.s.resolvematrix.dev:7652 2 - Explicit Port 2.s.resolvematrix.dev:7652 Run test
3b.s.resolvematrix.dev 3b - Delegated Explicit Port wk.3b.s.resolvematrix.dev:7753 Run test
3c.s.resolvematrix.dev 3c - Delegated matrix SRV srv.wk.3c.s.resolvematrix.dev:7754 Run test
3d.s.resolvematrix.dev 3d - Delegated Default Port wk.3d.s.resolvematrix.dev:8448 Run test
4.s.resolvematrix.dev 4 - matrix SRV srv.4.s.resolvematrix.dev:7855 Run test
5.s.resolvematrix.dev 5 - Default Port 5.s.resolvematrix.dev:8448 Run test

MSC4040 Domains

MSC4040 inserts new steps to the resolution process and has not been incorporated in a stable version of the Matrix protocol. Tools such as the federation tester might not be able to handle these domains yet, and result in errors.

When the MSC becomes stable, the existing domains above for steps 3c, 3d, 4, and 5 will be deprecated and new ones will be recommended in their place.

Server name MSC step covered Connection address Federation
3c.msc4040.s.resolvematrix.dev 3c - Delegated matrix-fed SRV srv.wk.3c.msc4040.s.resolvematrix.dev:7053 Run test
4.msc4040.s.resolvematrix.dev 4 - matrix-fed SRV srv.4.msc4040.s.resolvematrix.dev:7054 Run test