Security Disclosure Policy

Last updated: November 7th, 2020

We greatly appreciate investigative work into security vulnerabilities carried out by well-intentioned, ethical, security researchers. We follow the practice of responsible disclosure in order to best protect our user base from the impact of security issues. On our side, this means:

In general, we will aim for a fix within 120 days of processing your report, but we may propose a longer time frame (usually 180 days) for especially complex vulnerabilities. In some cases, when a vulnerability is particularly disruptive and/or easy to exploit, we may delay publishing technical details for an additional period after the fix is publicly available (usually no longer than 30 days).

If you have found a security vulnerability in t2bot.io or the software we maintain, we ask thay you disclose it reponsibly by messaging @travis:t2l.io on Matrix. Please do not discuss potential vulnerabilities in public or near-public without first validating with us.

On receipt, we will:

Please note that although t2bot.io is built off Matrix, we cannot reasonably take the lead on resolving incidents relating to the protocol. If an issue is determined to be an issue with the Matrix protocol, we will report it upstream to the Matrix team per their security disclosure policy. We will respond to the original reporter to indicate that their report has been proxied to the Matrix team, and, if desired, disclose the reporter to the Matrix team for appropriate credit and information gathering. Similar programs apply for software t2bot.io depends on, such as bridges and bots not authored by us directly.

We do not currently provide a bug bounty program. We maintain a Hall of Fame to recognize those who have responsibly disclosed security issues to us in the past.

Hall of Fame

September 6th, 2023 - matrix-media-repo - joshqou via the matrix.org security team
Discovered unsafe usage of Content-Disposition: inline, further unveiling improper Content-Type handling in matrix-media-repo (CVE-2023-41318, GHSA-5crw-6j7v-xc72). Addressed by MSC2702. Fixed in v1.3.0.

April 30th, 2021 - matrix-media-repo - jomat
Discovered that malicious APNG files could crash the process. Fixed in v1.2.8.

April 15th, 2021 - matrix-media-repo - Muhammad Zaid Ghifari
Discovered a memory exhaustion vector when thumbnailing intentionally small byte-size images, but expand to large files when decoded (CVE-2021-29453, GHSA-j889-h476-hh9h). Fixed in v1.2.7.

March 4th, 2021 - matrix-media-repo - jomat
Discovered that short audio files could crash the process. Fixed in v1.2.3.

If you think we missed you, sorry - please let us know by messaging @travis:t2l.io on Matrix.