t2bot.io's federation problems with matrix.org

Matrix is a decentralized and federated protocol, which means several servers all try to talk to each other to ensure that they all have an equal copy of a conversation. One of those servers is t2bot.io, and another is matrix.org. There are many more and you can even host your own.

If your user ID ends with :matrix.org (in Element this will appear near your display name), you will have problems setting up services offered by t2bot.io. Note that rooms are not hosted on any particular server, so other people in your room might not have the same problem. If they are also registered on matrix.org however, they will have issues too.

The easiest way to fix the issue is to register for an account on a different homeserver. Where possible, we recommend that you host your own server instead of using a public service.

Other options for homeservers are: