Discord Bridge

Github Repository: half-shot/matrix-appservice-discord (third party)

The Discord bridge allows Discord and Matrix users to communicate with each other, with the permission of the Discord guild's owners.

Adding the Discord bridge to your room

  1. Invite the bridge to your Discord guild using this link. The bridge will need all the permissions selected.
  2. Invite @_discord_bot:t2bot.io to your matrix room. The bot should have permissions to invite users.
  3. Open the channel you'd like to bridge in the Discord web application
  4. Using the following image as a reference, send the message !discord bridge ChannelID RoomID in your matrix room:

Removing the Discord bridge from your room

  1. In the room you'd like to unbridge, send the message !discord unbridge
  2. Follow the steps provided by the bridge
  3. Revoke the bridge's permissions from within Discord