Alias Bot

Note: This bot shouldn't be needed anymore.

This bot allows you to create aliases on the domain for future reference. In general, this is most useful to ensure your room has multiple ways for people to enter in the event the server hosting the primary alias goes down.

For example, if you had as your room's alias, you'd be reliant on being online for people to join. If for whatever reason went down, you could set up so that prospective members can still get in.

The source for this bot is available on Github.

Adding an alias to your room

  1. Invite to your room.
  2. Say !alias #ab-YourAlias, replacing YourAlias with the alias you wish to add.

Removing an alias from your room

  1. Invite to your room if it isn't already joined.
  2. Say !alias remove #ab-YourAlias